Higginbotham Park

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Higginbotham Park is a deep, grassy park tucked into a Claremont neighborhood and a way-point for the Thompson Creek Trail.  This park offers a train themed play-structure, a sand-pit, several “bouncy” animals (seat on a spring), baby swings, rocks to climb, nature to explore and access to the Thompson Creek Trail.

A short walk west of the park along the Thompson Creek Trail, brings you to a property that has several horses and even a donkey.  This is a fun destination or a nice place to take a short break if you are walking the length of the Thompson Creek Trail with your children.  The Trail is a gentle uphill climb from Town Ave to Mills Ave in Claremont.  Higginbotham Park is slightly west of the half-way mark.  I often do this as a stroller walk, starting at Higginbotham and walking uphill to Mills before turning around and letting the kids play at the park on our return. I know several people that don’t want to start at the park or they will never get their kids going for the walk.  For them, there is a parking lot at the end of Indian Hill Blvd (across from La Puerta Sports Park).

We love this park, but there are some detractors.  The rocks are great for stable preschoolers and older who like to climb, but they can be pretty nerve-racking for parents of toddlers; there are no “big-kid” swings at this park and it can be difficult to see all parts of the play area at once.  So monitoring several children can be a challenge. Fortunately, my older child loves to push her little brother in the swing (or even push her imaginary friends that always seem to find us at this park) and it is a quiet neighborhood park, for the most part, so it is not too challenging to keep an eye on several areas at once.

Park Information: Higginbotham Park is located in Claremont on Mt. Carmel Drive.  This is a small neighborhood street between Mountain and Indian Hill, north of Baseline.  There is parking on Mr. Carmel or a parking lot at the end of Indian Hill.



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  1. Maribel’s avatar

    Hey Kat,
    Just came across your blog. I discovered blogs about two years ago and love to read my favorites on a regular basis. All of them are moms in the mid west or east coast, so it’s great to have a So Cal mom. Love your post about Halloween, I so miss my street going up, not the “It” neighborhood but it was always busy with local kids. Then when I married, we lived in apartments…boo. Our current neigborhood is dead. My husband is on a mission to revive our street next year.




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